Stream SA provides services specializing in different areas. Providing solutions that include multiple stages of a project: idea, development, implementation and monitoring of the needs required by customers.

Embedded software and firmware development

We are experts in embedding software for Set Top Boxes and TV using different platforms such as Android and Linux. We also have a strong background in device driver development for embedded devices and a lot of experience with Android Native Development Kit.

Custom TV Channel development based on TV Filler

Based on our TV Filler technology, we can build the automatic channel content generator that fits your needs and expectations. These channels can be in a variety of formats and resolutions, from Full HD for TV to small resolutions or light streams for the Internet.

Second Screen (mobile) Applications development

Mobile has touched the TV. Second screen applications are used to expand user experience providing new ways to deliver exclusive content and to interact with the TV watcher. Based on our Teisho platform, we can build the app that differentiate your TV content.

Custom streaming and broadcasting solutions

We have a deep understanding of streaming of audio/visual content on the Internet, IPTV and Digital TV broadcasting. Based on that knowledge we can build customised solutions that fits your needs.


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